March 24, 2020

14 Best JavaScript Conferences to Attend in 2020

By Jscrambler | 7 min read

14 Best JavaScript Conferences to Attend in 2020

2020 is shaping up to be another good year for the JavaScript community. More and more developers are entering the ecosystem and new minds equal to new possibilities.

With some major JavaScript libraries and frameworks reaching maturity, they now have their own communities that thrive in knowledge sharing. In the coming weeks and months, these communities will again gather to discuss upcoming projects and share insights. Many of these conferences also have scholarships especially targeted at community members who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend.

With public gatherings being withheld in early 2020, we're seeing more and more conferences going 100% virtual so that you can still enjoy them and learn while staying safe.

We at Jscrambler know first-hand how valuable these conferences can be for developers, so we definitely recommend attending some of the ones on this list.


ng-conf Logo

The world's original Angular conference, ng-conf returns in Spring 2020 with the theme "Hardwired". Some of the most notable members of the Angular community (like John Papa and Dan Wahlin) will be doing workshops and giving keynotes.

In 2020, ng-conf is going 100% online.

React Europe

React Europe Logo

React Europe has grown into one of the biggest developer conferences of the old continent.

In the past, it was the stage where technologies such as GraphQL and Redux were first announced and demonstrated. In 2020, it will host hackathons, bar nights,
over 30 talks and 12 lightning talks.


ForwardJS Logo

A gathering of the "forward thinkers of the Web", this event happens twice a year — one in Ottawa and the other in San Francisco.

This year, both events will instead happen only virtually, with organizers deciding to grant free access to four days of workshops and all talks.


ReactNext Logo

The first international JavaScript conference in the Middle East, ReactNext is set for an exciting new edition in 2020. This single-day community-driven event will feature advanced lectures by over 18 speakers and networking opportunities for the crowd of 750 attendees.

The event features two parallel tracks, one more aimed at beginners and the other for experienced developers.


JSCamp Logo

Sunny Barcelona is the meeting place of over 1200 developers from across the globe, all with a problem-solving attitude and yearning to learn from the challenges of different teams.

Attendees from past editions praise the professionally organized event, the light and open atmosphere, and the diverse range of speakers.



JSConf has been around for over 10 years and many consider it the go-to conference if you're a JavaScript developer. This conference has quickly grown and today it spans across the globe. Below, we list some of the biggest ones:

JSConf Budapest — At the heart of one of the most vibrant capitals in Europe, this conference is all about diversity, mentorship, and learning. The venue is located right at the center of the city and is literally under a pool of water!

JSConf Asia — Southeast Asia's largest web developer conference, JSConf Asia celebrates the creative and diligent work of the web development community in Southeast-Asia.

Definitely consider attending this conference for a highly educational, inspiring, and entertaining event.

JSConf US — "Two days of talks, one day of adventure". This is how this conference describes itself, and it lives up to the hype.

This 11-year-old conference helps developers learn how to push the language beyond the confines of the browser and into robots, and video games. But what also sets JSConf US apart is the "choose your own adventure" program, where you can go on an adventure like kayaking or a safari.

React Native EU

React Native EU Logo

Many developers agree that React Native is still the number one choice for JS developers when it comes to cross-platform apps. If you also agree, then React Native EU may be an excellent pick.

With exciting keynotes, lots of lightning talks and networking events, this conference will provide two days packed with activities for its 400+ attendees.

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JSFoo Logo

JSFoo is considered by many as the go-to conference for experienced JavaScript developers in India. Now going for its tenth edition, the event will focus on the topic of JavaScript in the Enterprise (also, feel free to read our blog post on that subject).

After a first day dedicated to this topic of Enterprise JS, there's a second day dedicated to discussing advanced Web concepts.


JSNation Logo

Over 1000 attendees will be gathering in Amsterdam for a unique learning and exploring experience. Library authors and core team members of the JavaScript ecosystem will be going on stage, such as the creators of webpack, Three.js, and NestJS.

Going from learning mode to party mode, the conference also provides JS-driven art exhibitions and audiovisual performances. To finish the event, attendees gather one last time for a picnic.

VueConf TO

VueConf TO Logo

Right in downtown Toronto, this conference celebrates another gathering of Vue.js developers in North America. Typically, VueConf TO brings to stage Vue core team members like Evan You.

You can expect very technical talks focusing on new Vue features and development best practices.

BrazilJS Conf

BrazilJS Conf Logo

The 2020 edition of BrazilJS Conf marks the 10-year anniversary of this huge Brazilian dev community. The event organizers also state that it is the biggest JavaScript conference in the world, with over 2000 attendees.

If you decide to attend this "Technology Woodstock", you can expect a hyper-focused conference which dives into JS but also HTML, CSS, software architecture, and all things Web.


AngularConnect Logo

The largest Angular conference returns in late 2020 as the meeting spot of choice for Angular devs, tech companies, and core members of the Angular framework.

The conference starts with one day of workshops, which is followed by the two-day conference.

NodeConf EU

NodeConf EU Logo

All roads lead to Ireland in November, when the Node community joins in the beautiful medieval town of Kilkenny.

The conference is usually packed with high-quality talks and workshops from some of the most active members of the Node community. In 2019, some of Jscrambler's own devs attended and praised the event for being great for networking.


dotJS Logo

A chill atmosphere where you get to hear from and meet some of the brightest minds in the JS ecosystem — that's how some past attendees describe dotJS.

The event also hosts some of the biggest companies in tech, so you'll also find plenty of room for some good ol' networking.

Canceled or Postponed 2020 JavaScript Conferences

As we mentioned before, the early 2020 pandemic and concerns for attendees' health has prompted many of these conference organizers to cancel or postpone their 2020 events.

Below, we list some of the ones which are canceled or postponed for 2021:

No matter what, developers find a way. In the same usual spirit of acceptance, community, and fun, 2020 will still be a great year for JavaScript developers wanting to attend conferences. Hopefully, this article has helped you choose a few!

In case you want to get started right now in improving your JavaScript skills, be sure to check out our tutorials on React, Angular, Vue, React Native, Node.js, Mobile Development and other web resources.

Lastly, if you want to secure your JavaScript source code against theft and reverse-engineering, start your free Jscrambler trial.

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