June 9, 2016

15 Best Blogs To Follow About JavaScript

By Jscrambler | 4 min read

15 Best Blogs To Follow About JavaScript

JavaScript is technically an easy programming language to learn, but it provides so many possibilities that web developers must be constantly in touch with new resources and practices to make their code more effective.

The advantage, though, is that there is a lot of helpful information out there that can inspire and help developers to improve their projects. And in case you’re wondering where all these great stuff is, here goes a list with 15 blogs about JavaScript you should start following to become a master.

Adequately Good

“Adequately Good” has an interesting foundation history: according to its creator, Ben Cherry, it was supposed to be a blog about Python. But then the 25 year old developer discovered that he really likes JavaScript, so now most of the posts are about this language.

Adventures in Javascript Development

In “Adventures in Javascript Development” Rebecca Murphey not only shares technical Javascript tips, but also describes her career journey and the experiences she had to become more effective as a developer and discusses equality in the workplace.

Brendan Eich

There’s no better source than the very own creator of the JavaScript language, Brendan Eich.

Co-founder of the Mozilla Project, Eich presents not only tutorials and articles about JavaScript, but also keeps readers in touch with many important events and conferences for developers community, like TXJS and JSConf.EU.

David Walsh Blog

David Walsh is a web developer and software engineer. He works for Mozilla and also speaks in conferences and meetups like London AJAX, AustinJS, BrasilJS, etc.

In his blog, Walsh presents from career tips to tutorials and demos about React, Angular, Babel and ES6.

Developer Drive

“Developer Drive” is a project from the same founders of the design blog called Webdesign Depot.com. Since 2011, they’ve been writing about JavaScript and libraries comparisons. Also, you’ll also find articles and tutorials about PHP, HTML5, MySQL and even C#.

Javascript Playground

“Javascript Playground” is a collaborative blog where you can find all kinds of JavaScript tutorials, like BackboneJS, FirefoxOS, NodeJS, jQuery, ReactJS and more. The site is hosted on a Github repository, so anyone can make changes and send new articles. To do this, you should create your own fork of the repository, submit changes and then create a pull request.

Javascript: The Right Way

“Javascript The Right Way” is more like a guide than a blog. The site brings tutorials, articles and tips and also shows the top developers you should follow to be in touch with the language.

The page is maintained by the Brazilian developers William Oliveira and Allan Esquina, but has contributors from other countries.

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Joe Zim

Joe Zim created his blog with the intention to bring the best practices for modern web development to his public. The website started in 2011 with just an article per month and today it presents more 150 articles and tutorials about JavaScript.

John Resig

Staff engineer at Khan Academy, Resig is the creator of jQuery JavaScript library and he is also known for his books Pro JavaScript Techniques and Secrets of The JavaScript Ninja.

Besides showing some tutorials and tips, John Resig also brings some news about the development world in his blog, talking about career and events.

NCZ Online

Nicholas C. Zakas is the author of many books about JavaScript, including High Performance JavaScript Professional and Professional AJAX. And in his blog he shares really valuable tips and tutorials that can be useful for JavaScript and web developers.

Position: Absolute

In “Position: Absolute”, you will be able to check interesting articles about HTML, CSS, Mobile and, of course, JavaScript, from the point of view of the front-end developer Cedric Dugas.


“Sitepoint” was created more than 15 years ago by Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz and now it has 39 contributors. The website presents many content about web development, including JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS and even Design. It is a really good source even if you’re an expert or a beginner in this area.


“Superhero.js” brings a collection of great articles, videos and presentations about JavaScript coding. The website separates its content by categories, so the reader can navigate through articles about how to organize, test, get better performance or securing JavaScript apps.


Founded in March 2005 by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer, “2ality” is a really relevant piece if you are looking for articles to get as close to ECMA specifications as possible. Besides tutorials, the website details the foundations of JavaScript language and the evolution of the specification found in ES5 and ES6.

Web Appers

Created by the web developer and web designer Ray Cheung, “Web Appers” picks the best free JavaScript resources to help other people’s projects. Also, it presents tons of contents for web designers. You just have to choose between the type of licenses suits your project the best: Creative Commons, BSD, GPL, LGPL, MIT and License Free.

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