March 11, 2021

Announcing Partnership and Integration with GitLab

By Jscrambler | 1 min read

Announcing Partnership + Integration with GitLab

Today, we're thrilled to announce the partnership between Jscrambler and GitLab, which also marks an improved integration between both technologies.

GitLab is surely a name that most developers know very well, as it provides one of the most complete and developer-friendly DevOps platforms available today (plus, it's entirely built on open-source).

With companies accelerating the rate at which they are developing software, application security becomes a paramount concern. Hence the emergence of DevSecOps: a push to implement and automate security controls earlier in the development lifecycle.

By combining Jscrambler's leading application security technology with GitLab's cutting-edge DevOps platform, together we'll address a missing piece of DevSecOps: seamless source code protection.

“Client-side attacks are on the rise, with attackers blindsiding companies by targeting their source code and other client-side weak links. Jscrambler’s integration with GitLab will allow development teams to seamlessly protect their source code and reduce their exposure to reverse-engineering, tampering, and data exfiltration attacks.” said Rui Ribeiro, CEO of Jscrambler.

This integration between both technologies will allow users to:

  • Protect source code seamlessly at build time;
  • Add runtime protection capabilities to the source code;
  • Instill threat detection mechanisms in the source code for improved monitoring capabilities in DevSecOps;
  • Reduce the attack surface to code theft, piracy, cheating, automated abuse, and data exfiltration.

Further details about the integration are available on our Docs. The full press release of the partnership can be found here.

To start exploring this integration you can also follow this tutorial and start watching the video below.

You can get started with Jscrambler's JavaScript protection technology with a free trial.

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