July 13, 2015

JavaScript in the Enterprise

By Fernando Martins | 1 min read

JavaScript in the Enterprise

Paul Krill, from InfoWorld, describes in this blog post how JavaScript will change enterprise development workflow as we know today. No doubt that server-side JavaScript is becoming widely popular, as Node.js is being adopted by more and more companies as the core of their stack.

Its lightweight, robustness and parallel nature are the key factors to as why companies are moving away from Java, .NET, and other major languages and frameworks. It also grants the possibility for fast prototyping and makes it easy to integrate hundreds of third-party packages that solves common problems that most applications face, therefore saving tons of time that is put instead on focusing more on the actual product.

Another benefit from using JavaScript on the server-side is that Full-stack Engineers don’t have to be always changing contexts between client and server-side code, because the language is the same on both – JavaScript – which improves productivity, and saves several headaches on the long run. Less code to switch and convert data around, less bugs.

At Jscrambler, we have been switching from a PHP backend to Node.js, and its the productivity boost and overall code quality improvement is undeniable. We seriously doubt we can ever go back to using two different languages for the server and client sides.

Image: Standing where I once stood before from Eric Flexyourhead’s photostream on Flickr

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