July 22, 2020

Jscrambler Offers 3 Months Free Detection of Magecart Web Skimming Attacks

By Jscrambler | 2 min read

Jscrambler Offers 3 Months Free Detection of Magecart Web Skimming Attacks

As of today, Jscrambler is officially offering its leading Magecart detection technology for free during a limited time. This free detection includes:

  • Periodic reports of detected malicious behavior and suspected Magecart attacks;
  • A complete website inventory, with details of infected scripts and suspicious network events;
  • A thorough analysis of each detection, including its source and call stack;
  • On-demand access to real-time 24h monitoring and direct technical support.

This technology is currently being used by major airlines and retailers to fight off web skimming attacks, which are estimated to have caused over $1 billion in damages to e-commerce businesses.

Mitigating a Tough Security Threat

Web skimming attacks are notoriously difficult to detect and tackle — they typically breach companies by infecting their third-party providers, which allows them to fly under the radar of security systems already in place. A new generation of web skimmers is also using bot detection techniques to escape detection, which makes it even more difficult to stop this growing threat.

Jscrambler has undertaken a significant R&D push to provide a technology capable of detecting web skimmers regardless of their specific attack approach. This solution is capable of detecting Magecart attacks in any scenario and allows businesses to define a set of rules to automatically block the web skimmer.

"We were expecting to see an increase of web skimming attacks during the pandemic due to the sudden growth in online shopping, but the actual figures are even more concerning”, said Rui Ribeiro, co-founder and CEO of Jscrambler. “We’re seeing 20% more web skimming attacks since the pandemic. Most businesses are already fragile and a Magecart breach can be a fatal blow. We decided to act now and give businesses the chance of detecting these web skimmers and reacting in time.”

Jscrambler will be offering this solution free of charge for a limited time.

Read the full press release here.

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