May 23, 2017

Open House Jscrambler

By Jscrambler | 2 min read

Open House Jscrambler

Open House

Next week, on May 30th, we will open our house to you! Join us for breakfast or enjoy a cup of coffee and get to know our office. All the community is invited and the admission is free, but be sure to [RSVP beforehand here]( "target="_blank).

Start & Scale Week

The initiative is part of Start & Scale Week, a week dedicated to the promotion of innovation, entrepreneurship and job creation, based in Porto and, this year, it will take place between May 27th and June 3rd.

The agenda is diverse and, apart from the Open House of Jscrambler will include events, such as the "Doing Business" meetings, Hackacity and the ScaleUp For Europe Conference. You can have a look at the full agenda of Start & Scale Week here.

The program also brings Masterclasses, mentoring sessions and the Startup Fest, where our CTO, Pedro Fortuna, will be one of the guests.

Startup Fest

Be sure not to miss the session Scale Up, The Entrepreneurship Made In Porto, where Cláudio Fernandes (CEO - Impacting Digital), Felipe Ávila da Costa (CEO - Infraspeak) and Pedro Fortuna (CTO, Co-Founder, and Owner - Jscrambler) will share their vision on the scaleup program and also the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.


Porto will once again position itself as a city for entrepreneurship and innovation and a reference to the Scaleup movement on a national and international level. The goal of these initiatives is to help the community learn and evolve.

We look forward to seeing you next week!

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