March 14, 2014

Self-Defending Capabilities Available in HTML5/JavaScript Applications

By Jscrambler | 2 min read

Self-Defending Capabilities Available in HTML5/JavaScript Applications

For the first time, Self-defending capabilities are available in HTML5/JavaScript applications. This protection technique is available for a while for native code applications but it had never been tried before JScrambler 3.5 release.

Self-defending is the next step for JavaScript applications protection. This is an active protection technique which provides the application the capability to react to source code modifications (tampering) and debugging at runtime (see it in action, modifying the source code at jsfiddle).

With HTML5/JavaScript being the cross-platform technology which had grown faster, from web browsers to mobile platforms and cars, the fact that these applications are delivered in clear text put tampering on top of IT security manager’s concerns.

Self-defending does not make other protection techniques like obfuscation, obsolete. Instead, they must be fine combined, deeply understanding the application’s execution environment.

JScrambler 3.5 also introduces another important feature which enables developers to drive JScrambler transformations on particular source code blocks. With simple annotations, it is now possible to disable or just switch between protection templates on specific source code loops or flows. More about “ignore code blocks” on Helper Center.

How easy is to get your application protected today?

There are a few well-known tools like Google Closure, YUI compressor or UglifyJS minify whose results are often confused with protection, although they do not pretend to protect your application’s source code but improve page loads and execution cost.

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