November 3, 2020

Understanding JavaScript Obfuscation [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Jscrambler | 1 min read

Understanding JavaScript Obfuscation

JavaScript obfuscation isn't an easy topic to address.

Many still dismiss obfuscation on the basis of "obscurity isn't security", while dismissing the fact that obfuscation is actually a security recommendation by OWASP, which states:

“In order to prevent effective reverse engineering, you must use an obfuscation tool.”

As more and more businesses ship important business logic and sensitive data on the client-side, JavaScript obfuscation provides an excellent first line of defense against reverse-engineering and tampering attempts.

So, what is JavaScript Obfuscation? And how can we compare different obfuscation tools? Find these and other answers on the infographic below:

Understanding JavaScript Obfuscation

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