January 9, 2019

Webinar "Best Practices for Securing Your Mobile Apps"

By Jscrambler | 2 min read

Webinar - Best Practices for Securing Your Mobile Apps

Mobile app development has come a long way from its growth spurt in 2010.

While the fact remains that the industry keeps growing at a steady pace, in the last few years the landscape of mobile development has been shaped by trends such as blockchain, AI, AR, and VR.

As mobile applications grow in complexity and amass users by the millions, we have seen a parallel rise in the number of attacks and data breaches in mobile apps. In the second half of 2018 alone, incidents with the mobile apps of Air Canada and British Airways resulted in data breaches affecting 400,000 users in total.

Security has become a leading concern for mobile application development.

The Webinar

The growing need for employing proper security measures during the mobile development process has led to this webinar on the Best Practices for Securing Your Mobile Apps.

The webinar — hosted by Rob Lauer, Senior Manager at Progress — will provide an in-depth look into which strategies can be applied to increase the overall security of mobile apps. This will cover secure authentication/authorization, storing encrypted data safely, and also protecting the app's source code.

The problematic of securing the app's source code will be addressed by Pedro Fortuna, Jscrambler CTO.

Pedro will showcase how the client-side of mobile applications can be exploited to tamper with the code or reverse-engineer it, using a sample NativeScript app. Then, you will also see how to easily protect the source code of a NativeScript app using Jscrambler, and how this protected app becomes protected against all sorts of tampering and reverse-engineering attempts.

The webinar will also count on two other notable speakers — Alex Ziskind, Technical Director at Nuvious, and TJ VanToll, Principal Developer Advocate at NativeScript.

You can register for the webinar for free, so be sure to register ASAP and reserve your seat for January 23 @ 11 a.m. ET.

Register Now!

In the meantime, protect your app and prosper!

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